Certified Pilates Teacher

In 1997, I was living in Chicago with big plans to take over the world of
dance when an injury interfered. A visit to the Pilates studio next door ¨just
to see if they could help¨ and I fell in love with the Method, certified one
year later and have been a full-time Guild-certified Authentic Pilates
instructor since 1998.
I started with the original -The Authentic Method® of Pilates Body
Conditioning with Romana Kryzanowska 1997. I joined the Pilates Method
Alliance in 2012 – 2019.
While I am trained in Classical Pilates, I always knew there was more out
there, and in 2012 I certified all over again in Contemporary Pilates with the
Pilates Sports Center in Encino, California after which I did the Master
Teacher Training Program through the PSC to become an examiner and
Trainer for the next generation of teachers.
In 2021, I was made aware that the Pilates Method Alliance had opened a
new branch, The National Pilates Certification Program, and I definitely
wanted to be a part of that! I rejoined the PMA/NPCP and am currently
working toward my Master Teacher credentials with that organisation.
Thérèse’s other certificates include:
• NCPC Certified 2021
• Mattes Isolated Stretch – 2005
• NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) 1994
• The Satir Method 1995