My love for Bikram yoga began in 2009 during a time in my life when I needed this yoga the most. I attended my first Bikram class at a studio in Vancouver and was instantly hooked. I had no idea then the impact this yoga would have in my life.

I admire the discipline and respect that this yoga fosters from within as well as the challenge and growth it offers each person in their own unique way. Bikram yoga gave me the ability to let go and helped me realize it is never too late to make changes. I am so grateful for the many benefits this yoga has offered my mind, body, and soul.

After many years of practice, I decided to begin my teacher training journey.  I am currently completing my teacher training with Todd Miller at Studio 26 Yoga and Wellness in conjunction with the Manitoba Fitness Council. Having the opportunity to guide you through your practice and share in your energy is a privilege that I so very much appreciate.

When I am not at the studio, I enjoy spending time with my daughter outdoors, trying new things together, or just hanging out. I also enjoy giving back to the Winnipeg community by donating my time as a volunteer and am happy to contribute.

I look forward to seeing you in the hot room!