Tai Chi Instructor

Fifteen years ago, a friend asked me to take a Tai Chi class with her. At the time, I was a university student, focused on my studies with no time to think about my health or exercise. Fortunately, my friend was wiser than me and it turned out to be a great experience. I enjoyed the class and found it made me feel better physically and less stressed about my studies. Although I didn’t take any more classes with that organization, I continued to practice what I learned there.

 A couple of years later, I was introduced to my current Tai Chi Master and joined a devoted group of students who have been together for many years. They shared their enthusiasm and joy for Tai Chi with me and my skill was greatly improved by the deep knowledge of Master Yu. He taught me that Tai Chi is as much an art as it is a form of exercise and martial arts. It should look good and feel good. It is beautiful, meditative and expressive. It makes me feel good mentally, physically and emotionally. I’m so happy to be able to share Tai Chi with Studio 26.