Pilates – Mat

Pilates is a 60 minute class taught in the cooled studio. A mind-body workout that combines flexibility, core strength, balance and muscular overload to work the entire body.  Pilates core series together with Core 26 Yoga spine strengthening postures developes deep-layered core muscles, abdominal stabilization, breathing technique and efficiency of movement.

This class is predominantly a mat work class with a focus on core strengthening. A series of abdominal exercises are performed after a standing warm up. Some exercises vary from week to week but the series maintains a continuity that provides the students with a strong base and the benefit of practicing and improving their technique. Core 26 postures are included that complement the Pilates series and helps to improve posture and flexibility.

This class is beneficial to students of all levels and abilities. All the exercises have modifications to reduce or increase the intensity.