Leave Your Ego at the Door

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At Studio 26 we don’t change the Yoga to suit the bodies, we change the bodies with the Yoga. The proof is in the physical results, mental well-being and health that we experience with a regular practice.

We teach only one Hot Yoga at Studio 26 and that is Core 26 Hot (Bikram Yoga). All of our teachers are certified Bikram Yoga teachers with years of practice and teaching experience in this Yoga. We also offer Yin Yoga and Vinyasa Flow but these are practiced in a warm studio. Yin and Vinyasa Flow are a wonderful addition to your Core 26 Hot program and we certainly encourage all of our students to include them in their practice.

Try a class, give yourself permission to rest when needed, let your body adjust and develop at your own pace, practice proper alignment before depth, listen carefully to the teacher’s corrections and always try to leave your ego at the door.