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Kids Yoga

Due to popular demand and the expansion of Studio 26 with a new  air-conditioned studio, we are once again offering Kids Yoga. We are following all guidelines set out by Manitoba Health. At this time we are only able to accommodate 8 participants. Drop-in is available if the class is not full. 

Preschool Yoga: An hour of fun and fitness for those ages three to five. Yoga beginners will discover creative movement and the power of postures to inspire body, mind and soul. This program features an opportunity to stretch, learn, laugh and make new friends.

Kids Yoga (ages 6-8): This Kids Yoga class provides an introduction to the building blocks of Yoga. Those age 6 to 8 will find confidence in learning to develop a series of postures in a more structured environment. An opportunity to join a community of friends in search of a fitness, new skills and fun.

Kids Yoga (ages 9-11). Preteens in search of new and challenging experiences will deepen their practice with more advanced postures and the opportunity to experience the spiritual rewards of Yoga among like-minded peers.

10 Weeks $130 or Drop-in $15 (if available)
Preschool Yoga (ages 3-5) 9:30-10:30 am – Tuesday, Sept.21 to Nov.23, 2021
Kids’ Yoga (ages 6-8) 9:00-10:00 am – Saturday, Sept.25 to Nov.27, 2021
Kids’ Yoga (ages 9-11) 10:00-11:00 am – Saturday, Sept.25 to Nov.27, 2021