Joyfully Touching Toes

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Touching Toes

I am blessed continually with students happily informing me that they have had a break through, or that they are surprised that they are now able to do things that they felt were impossible.

Just the other day, the husband of one of my experienced students let me know that he can now touch his toes and his shoulder is opening with less pain. He was happy and proud of this accomplishment, especially because he has just recently started taking class. He is now busy recruiting his friend to join him. Unfortunately, he is finding that is friend has the same hesitation that he himself had when his his wife was nagging him to join her. Nagging with love and affection, of course.

I hear so often that people think they are not flexible enough or perhaps they think they will look foolish in class because they are inexperienced. Thank goodness that B.S. (belief system) is replaced immediately after the first class with, “why didn’t I start this sooner.” And so it goes on, students recruiting students and sending out the message that at Studio 26 there is a class for everyone. Being able to touch your toes and move without pain is a joyful outcome.