Bikram Yoga Certified Teacher

Jenn started practicing Bikram Yoga in 2009 and teaching in 2011. She did not know what to expect or what she was walking into when she started other than it was going to be hot and sweaty. Little did she know that finding this practice would be the beginning to the rest of her life.

This practice did not come easily to her. In fact there have been many break downs and break throughs along the way and because of that she knows there is nothing that rehabs the mind,body and soul like this yoga! She’s proud of her progress and passion.

Jenn might seem chatty and talkative at the studio but once she is home she is quite cozy and quiet. Whether she Is in a cuddle puddle with her cats, taking a walk or just doing life she loves the chance to slow down when possible.

Jenn has been exploring her other interests like Yin Yoga and Thai Yoga Massage over the last few months and is excited to develop and grow and share what she learns along the way with you!

So whether you are taking Bikram or a Yin Yoga class you can trust that you can follow the sound of Jenn’s voice and she will teach you the skills you need to navigate your sore body and tired mind so that you are able to facilitate your own personal transformation.