Bikram Yoga Certified Teacher

I am from the prairies of central Canada. Music and dance have always been very central to my life, and I studied various types of dance in hopes of becoming a professional ballerina. After an injury led to the end my dance dream, I was reluctantly dragged to my first ever Bikram Yoga class, and I surprisingly fell instantly in love with this new approach to the body. Not only was the Yoga the only thing that made me feel the same as when I danced, but it helped heal my body.

In 2008, I placed 2nd in the Eastern Canadian Yoga Championships and was sent to the World Championships in the States. Although my dance career had ended, I was able to pursue music and toured through North America. The Yoga helped maintain my body and I loved how I could travel and find studios nearly everywhere I went. In spring 2010 I attended Bikram Teacher Training during a break in my touring. Since then I have traveled and taught around the world in places including Canada, Germany, Denmark, Turkey, and Australia.

I believe in the power of this Yoga and am blessed to be able to share it with people around the world.