Got Back Pain?

Whether it’s your lower, mid or neck, chronic back pain is one of the most common concerns and complaints when talking with new students. They are looking for relief, and often natural relief, for their pain.

Lower back pain is prevalent in both active and inactive people. Active people tend to have very tight quadriceps and hip fexors (Iliopsoas). Without proper stretching after strengthening or cardio activity these muscle groups get tight and negatively affect spinal alignment and cause pain. Inactive people tend to sit for long periods of time and consequently have the exact same problem. Tight hip flexors cause low back pain. That’s it!

I have a special relationship with back pain. I have a chronic lower back injury that is a result competitive gymnastics in my early years. From there I moved on to a career in dance which led to teaching fitness and hours of daily cardio classes. Finally, I sustained a severe neck injury (broken) in a trampoline accident in my 40’s which ended my teaching and coaching career for a number of years. Doctors, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Massage Therapy, together with a lot of drugs (not to mention time and money) did not keep me out of pain.

After years of suffer I found Core 26 Hot Yoga. I was skeptical when my friends mentioned it to me because I am not a fan of the heat, but after seeing a documentary on the local news, I tried it. This series of postures is design to diagnose areas of the body that need attention and then provides postures that focus on strength and flexibility to balance the body structure. The series is recognized worldwide as one of the most comprehensive workouts to focus on every muscle and joint in the body and the outcome is relief of back pain. It’s about balance. From the weekend sports warrior to the inactive desk jockey this series helps to ease tension, pain and build (or rebuild) a healthy body. It works!