I was dragged to my first hot yoga class in 2010…literally. I was in an extremely bad place in my life and a friend of mine, after months of begging and pleading with me to join her, finally dragged me to my first hot yoga class…and I never looked back. I always say, “yoga saved my life.”

My yoga practice gave me the tools I needed to find strength, courage, and self-love. I am able to test myself physically, mentally, and spiritually. My practice helped me break down barriers and heal scars that a life of trauma had left behind. Every practice is different and ever evolving, a challenge, a little break from the day, a moment in time where I can connect with me. Yoga centers me, grounds me, and allows me to breathe. I take what I learn on my mat and apply it to my life every day, building my business, raising my 2 amazing kids, running and weight training, and cuddling with our 2 beautiful poochies. I became an author, writing about my experiences with the goal to help others.

Continuing my yoga journey, I began my teacher training with Todd Miller at Studio 26 Yoga and Wellness in conjunction with the Manitoba Fitness Council. It is a great privilege to share my knowledge, guide you through your practice, and be a part of your ever evolving journey.

So, let’s get started!…