Back in the Hot Room

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Bikram Training 2

Today I was back in the hot room to practice once again. It never fails to amaze me how the 26 Hot series can restore your physical and mental well-being. I have been neglecting my practice lately because I had to recover from an injury and also, I think I needed to experience what life was like without my precious Yoga once again. When I return to practice I think I experience some of the same feelings new students may feel in their first class, like nerves, fear, sorrow, anxiety and even anger. The Hot Yoga brings it out and flushes it away with a miraculous simplicity and raw effectiveness. Sitting in the lobby after class, on the floor in my favorite post-class spot I feel such a sense of relief that I am back and can feel renewed once again. It is always like being reborn and makes me thankful once again for this incredible feeling and the 26 Hot postures.