Are you new here?

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I often get asked what to do or not do before a first class experience. I often mention the website but maybe it doesn’t give you all the answers. I recently emailed a company that had gathered a group together to try their first class and had asked for some suggestions.

Here is the email:


First, let’s do location.
Studio 26 in located at 1-1763 Pembina Hwy. It is not directly on the Hwy. but one building off the street. We are behind the Steele Automotive Napa which is one entrance south and the mall immediately after the Value Village mall. There is a big sign at the street if you are looking for it. People seem to miss it.


Next, do’s and don’ts.
Do come expecting to have fun and to work at your own pace, take rests when needed and take it easy. The room is 40C (105F) so you must give yourself time to acclimate to the heat. Your first class should be done with ease (no showing off).

Don’t eat heavy foods (meats, cheese, breads) for 2-3 hours before class. Fruit, salad or something light is fine but have a normal lunch and stay away from anything too heavy after about 3 pm (for the 5:30 pm).

Do hydrate. Drink plenty of water throughout the day (probably more than normal) and if you want to add in a Gatorade/Powerade/coconut water or mineral water, it’s your choice. Increasing electrolytes is a good thing.

Do wear what is comfortable with the knowledge that the room is hot. No sweat pants or long sleeve shirts. Shorts or light long pants, t-shirt or lady tops (sports bra), no shoes or socks.

Do, bring a large water bottle, towels and mat (if you have one). Most people bring two towels, one for the mat (more comfortable and it absorbs sweat) and one for the shower. We have mats ($1) and towels ($2) for rent if you prefer. People hate laundry. We do it for you. We also have water (Aquafina $2), Powerade ($2) and Popsicles ($1). Normally we also have coconut water but we are out right now.

Don’t worry about parking. We have a big (free) parking lot).