Adjusting to New Behaviors

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It often astounds me how often we have to adjust to new circumstances in our lives. As much as we sometimes fear and run from change it is impossible to avoid it. Many seek change and find the regular routine mundane and boring. Others are determined to maintain the status quo at all costs. Regardless of your personal preference change will happen and you will adapt. Some thrive in their new environment but, if not, then another change is inevitable. Meditation and support from others makes our journeys less frightening and hopefully even exciting. Personally, I have been shoved quite forcefully into new circumstances on more than a few occasions but after allowing the ‘new’ to be absorbed I accept and strive to fit into my environment. It takes some time and effort to adjust but often it leads to a more rewarding and healthy existence.

Ok, what’s my point?

As the owner/Director of Studio 26 Hot Yoga it is my responsibility to market my product. I do this in many ways: Facebook, Twitter, my website, conferences, presentations and in my daily travels. I talk to a lot of people in a day and will inevitably suggest they try a 26 Hot at my studio. I always give them a guest pass or two so they can try the class with a friend for free. We have other classes such as: AcroYoga, Barre, Warm Restorative, Pilates, Beginner Ballet, Yin Yoga and a Kids Yoga Club. That’s a lot of program offerings but I usually mention 26 Hot first. Why? Because that is the program that I need to promote in Winnipeg.  I have heard entirely too often, “I don’t like the heat”.  I counter with, “have you ever tried Hot Yoga” and more times than I am willing to count I hear, “no”. What? The preconceptions held by so many is completely false and needs to be changed.

Yes, Hot Yoga can be challenging. The studio is hot (105F, 40C) but you will adapt to the environment. The heat is a wonderful and necessary tool used to warm you up so you can stretch those tight muscles with less pain and injury. The circulatory, respiratory and lymphatic systems dilate (open up) and provide all your muscles, joints, connective tissue, scar tissue and cells the benefits of oxygen and nutrients at a level you do not achieve in a cool room. Quite frankly, that’s why I didn’t like yoga until I tried Hot Yoga. I don’t like stretching (and I am very flexible) in a cold room. Yes, I tried it and gave it a fair shake.

Here’s some facts about Studio 26 Hot Yoga that you need to know.

  • You can take a break in the class as often as you want and if you have given your body a few minutes (3-5) to cool down and you are still feeling overwhelmed then you can take a break in the beautiful sweat-friendly lobby.
  • The studio does not smell. The floor in the studio is an anti-wick, closed cell sports floor that we clean and disinfect between classes. There is no carpet in the studio.
  • You do not have to ask permission to go to the bathroom. We simply ask that if you leave the room please leave and return between posture to avoid distraction.
  • The teachers are NOT mean! They are supportive, encouraging and friendly.
  • You do not have to be flexible or experienced to participate. All the classes are beginner and drop-in. You just do the best you can. You are there to get flexible and healthy. Are you too dirty to take a shower?
  • You will adjust to the heat. I often say to students in class, “after a few more classes you will be the student saying it’s too cool in here”.  It happens all the time. “Todd, why is it cooler in here today?” Guess what, it’s not.

I had writer’s block when I sat down to write this post. I guess I got over it by adjusting my thoughts.

See ya later. 🙂