55+ at Studio 26

Studio 26 has great 55+ classes!

Driving by Studio 26 you wouldn’t really know that we provide some of the most comprehensive and popular 55+ programs in Winnipeg. Yes, we are known for our Hot Yoga programs but our Yin Yoga, Warm 26 Restorative and our Pilates Basic Mat classes are at room temperature and designed for beginners of all ages and abilities.

Now let’s talk.

We have a fine reputation for offering great classes taught by certified and experienced teachers but we are also gaining the very distinct reputation of being a great place to meet friends and socialize (have you ever seen the size of our lobby and locker rooms). So many people find this a very important aspect when committing to a recreation program. It may very well be the most important part.

With today’s advanced technologically we have developed a serious problem. Isolation. Our computers and phones can provide for most of our needs so we don’t need to leave our homes. Studio 26 is a great place to meet people of similar interests and ages in a warm, friendly and safe environment.

That why I’m writing this blog. I think this needs to be celebrated.

Now I would like to feature one of my students whose partner finally convinced him to take a class. She nagged him for a year or so and here is the email I received from him. The photos speaks for themselves!

Hi Todd, I think the yoga is working for me, I think I’ll keep it up. There is only 18 months time between the guy on the left and the new guy on the right. Thank you!


  • Penny Summers says:

    It really is about making connections with others, isn’t it? Ever been to a gym where there is no place to sit? Where everyone looks like a model? It’s intimidating, to say the least. And they all scurry out after doing their class or workout to get to their next big thing, all the while staring down at their device, never making eye contact with anyone. When did we get so busy and disconnected, anyway? One of the things I love the most about our studio is that we attract such a wide mix of people. We have cultivated a warm, welcoming environment and people blossom here! Studio 26 is the best!

  • Darlene Hnatyshyn says:

    Studio 26 is about way more than the physical space (although it IS a wonderful space in which to practice). It’s about community. A community of individuals from different walks of life, with different personal and physical goals and challenges. A community of people who support one another on their journey.